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We specialise in assisting small businesses with admin and field staff solutions to reduce paperwork, increase profit, organisation and regain time and control over their business using integration and automation processes.

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FREE Phone Consultation

Book in a FREE 15 minute phone call to find out if my services can help your business to thrive!

On Site or Zoom Consultation

Book in a 1 hr, one on one meeting to discuss in depth how you currently run your business. I will then provide you with a demonstration on how ServiceM8 works and how it will benefit your business. We can discuss the setup and training process from there.

Cost $99 + GST

Service M8 Basic Setup and Training

Recommended Business size 1-5 staff.

Cost $990 + GST

For businesses that want to get up and running quickly but don't have the time to figure it out yourself.

I set you up with the basics and show you how to use ServiceM8 so you can hit the ground running.

Recommended Service M8 Plan - Starter or Growing

Whats Included?

• Initial Consultation
• Account Creation / backend configuration
• Create Staff
• 1 X Invoice Template
• 1 X Quote Template
• Customised Job categories
• Accounting Integration
• Basic Dispatch Staff Training
• Basic Field Staff Training
• 1 month Phone Support

Service M8 Health Check, Training, and Form Creation

For those who already use Service M8 but feel as though they could use a professional opinion and training on how they can use it better.

Cost $99/hr + GST

Book in a one on one meeting to discuss in depth how you currently run your business using service M8.

I will then provide you with some on the spot training and advice. After our meeting, if required, I send through a proposal on any further work needed such as form creation, further training, or integrations for example.

Service M8 Intermediate Setup and Training

Recommended business size 5+ staff.

Cost $1,584 + GST

For businesses that are well established but need to improve on their processes and want to get an in depth knowledge of the different areas of ServiceM8.

Recommended Service M8 Plan - Growing or Premium

What's included?

• Everything in Basic Package
• Manager Training
• Accounts Training
• 1 X Custom Security role
• Online booking form
• 1 X Work Order Template
• 2 X Automation setup
• Materials & Client Manual Import
• Set up Email Inbox
• Set Up badges
• Calendar Import

Service M8 Power User Setup and Training

Recommended business size 5+ staff with requirements for advanced features.

Cost $2,475 + GST

For businesses that are well established and have multiple forms and processes in place to help manage their business. This package is for business owners who want to get the full ServiceM8 experience and make the most of all the different functions available.

Recommended Service M8 Plan - Growing, Premium or Premium Plus

What's included?

• Everything from Intermediate package
• Advanced dispatch training
• Forms Creation
• Services Set up
• Recurring Jobs
• Job Templates

Service M8 Setup Only

Recommended business size 1-3 staff. For the business that doesn't have time to set up their account but is happy to figure out the basics by themselves.

Cost $247.50 + GST

Recommended Service M8 Plan - Starter

What's included?

• Account Creation / backend configuration
• Create Staff
• 1 X invoice template
• 1 X quote template
• Customised job categories
• Accounting integration

Virtual Assistant (Admin back up)

Because people in the office get sick and need holidays too!

I offer a discounted solution for situations such as this so that when it comes to your office staff or yourself taking time off, your already covered!

With my extensive experience in owning multiple businesses, I have the knowledge and ability to pick things up very quickly so I can hit the ground running when needed and be there for you and your business as and when needed.

Below are some examples of what I can do for your business

- Scheduling
- Completing routine documentation
- Proofreading documents
- Online filing
- Email management
- Taking phone calls
- Basic data entry
- Customer support
- Accounts payable and receivable
- Invoicing and Debtor control
- Creditor control
- Cash flow management
- EOM Reporting
- Reconciliation of accounts
- Payroll
- Maintenance of practice systems, software, and processes

Prepay for your hours and use them within 6 months. Each time the hours are used the tasks completed are documented and a report is sent to you indicating what was completed and how many hours remain. You can then opt to purchase more hours or not. The more hours you pre purchase, the cheaper the hourly rate!


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Carmen, Margaret River | 21st February 2022

Amazing service as always

Carmen, Margaret River | 15th February 2022

Kelly is the best!!!!

Carl | 16th December 2021

Carl | 10th December 2021